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Family relationships can be complex and difficult to maintain, so when they need resolution, you need a sensitive and reliable expert to help you address the issues. HOMS Assist family law solicitors offer expert, trustworthy advice on all legal elements of family relationships. Whether you are beginning a new relationship, ending an existing one, or making arrangements for your children, you can depend on us to guide you through the legal processes.

We treat every client as an individual with their own unique circumstances. Working in a confidential, professional manner, we insist on trust and openness when developing and maintaining the solicitor-client relationship. We work with you to get a clear picture of your situation and expectations, so that we can advise you whether they are realistically attainable. If they are, we will strive to reach the optimum solution in a manner that minimises your personal stress and anxiety.

With our unique blend of sound judgment and formidable negotiating skills, we have an enviable record of settlement and client satisfaction.

Talk to our family law solicitors about any aspect of family law that concerns you, including:

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is not legally binding, but it can serve as a guide for the courts in judicial separation and divorce cases. Designed to determine arrangements for a couple’s children and property in the event of a marriage breakdown, a prenuptial agreement will not bind a judge, but if it makes adequate provision for each party, it could prove persuasive.

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Relationship breakdown is always difficult for everybody involved, but mediation can help families move forward. Our sensitive, professional family law solicitors understand the trauma that’s involved in family disputes, and we can help you resolve issues through mediation, often without resorting to court action.

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Divorce Proceedings

If your marriage is beyond saving, you may apply to court for a decree of divorce. In order to meet the requirements, you must:

  • Be living separately from your spouse for two of the previous five years (this was reduced from four out of the previous five years following a 2019 referendum)
  • Have exhausted any reasonable possibility of reconciling with your spouse
  • Have made adequate arrangements for the care of your spouse and any dependent family members, especially the children of either party

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An annulment differs from separation or divorce because it acknowledges that a legal marriage never existed. If you believe your marriage is null, the family law solicitors at HOMS Assist can help.

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Separation Agreements

When it comes to formal separation, couples generally follow one of two key routes. Whether you part ways using a deed of separation or separation agreement or you secure a judicial separation, our expert family law solicitors HOMS Assist, will guide you through the process.

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Civil Partnerships & Cohabitation

Civil partnership was introduced in Ireland in 2011 to cater for same-sex couples, but it was rescinded in 2015 after the introduction of the Marriage Equality Act. Couples can no longer register a civil partnership in Ireland, and partnerships registered abroad since May 16, 2016, are not recognised as civil partnerships here. Civil partnerships offer much of the same formalities and protections as marriage.

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Maintenance is financial support paid on a regular basis to a former spouse, civil partner or cohabitant to assist with their living expenses and those of dependent children. Children are deemed dependent until they reach 18 years—or 23 years if they are in full-time education. If you require guidance on a maintenance agreement, our expert family law solicitors can help. If the parties cannot agree on maintenance, we can help you apply to the court for a maintenance order.

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Child Care & Protection

In family law, the area of child care, protection, access, and maintenance is a sensitive one that needs the kind of specialist skills and experiences you get from a HOMS Assist solicitor. 

Child care & protection

Domestic Violence

If you are suffering due to domestic violence or abuse, we are available to provide confidential legal advice that will help you achieve the best outcome in difficult circumstances. Domestic violence or abuse involves any situation where a person’s safety and welfare are jeopardized by the actions of the other party in a domestic relationship. 

Coping with domestic violence

I found the support of Caroline and her team amazing, she understood the emotional impact while ensuring I understood each stage of the process.

Caroline and her team’s professionalism ensured that I understood the process at all times, she separated the emotional and contractual side, ensuring that I made informed decisions at all times.

Thank you so much Caroline for all your help, support and advice on what was a very long drawn out and daunting case.

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