Ita Barrett

Photograph of Ita Barrett, Office Manage with HOMS Assist
Photograph of Ita Barrett, Office Manage with HOMS Assist

Professional Profile

With a distinguished career spanning over forty years in the legal and insurance sectors, I bring a depth of expertise and a commitment to excellence in my role as a Legal Executive and Office Manager at HOMS Assist. Since joining the firm in 2002, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that our services not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations at every touchpoint.

Expertise in Client Services & Legal Administration

My passion lies in fostering strong client relationships and delivering unparalleled service. This dedication is reflected in my hands-on approach to client services, where I actively seek feedback and insights from our clients to continuously refine and enhance our offerings. My background in insurance and personal injury claims has equipped me with an insightful perspective on private client litigation, allowing me to empathise deeply with our clients and understand their needs on a profound level.

Organisational Excellence

The core of my role involves the seamless management of day-to-day operations within the department, from administering legal processes to ensuring that every client receives timely and effective assistance. My commitment to operational excellence is demonstrated through my involvement in “Work Smart” initiatives and “Lean” project-based courses, aimed at streamlining processes for both our clients and the office. This focus on efficiency ensures that we are always prepared and responsive, providing a foundation for the high-quality service that HOMS Assist is known for.

Notable Achievements

One of my principal contributions to the firm has been the management of court lists for all personal injury actions, ensuring meticulous preparation and responsiveness to client needs in these critical matters. My efforts to improve service delivery through continuous learning and process optimisation have significantly enhanced our firm’s capability to serve our clients effectively.

Beyond my professional achievements, I am also actively involved in community service and personal development. In 2018, I participated in “Strictly Legal” organised by the Limerick Solicitors Bar Association, raising funds for local charities. This experience, coupled with my ongoing engagement in dance classes, reflects my belief in the importance of balance, resilience, and continuous growth, both personally and professionally.

Looking Ahead

As I continue to guide and innovate within HOMS Assist, my focus remains steadfast on placing our clients at the heart of everything we do. By leveraging my extensive experience and the insights gained from our clients, I am committed to driving our firm forward with integrity, professionalism, and a deep sense of empathy for the individuals we serve.

Other Team Members

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Photography of Robert Bourke, Partner with HOMS Assist

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Photograph on Stephen Clancy, Motor Assessor

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Photograph of Cillian Dowling, Trainee Solicitor, specialising in personal injuries and medical negligence

Cillian Dowling

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Photograph of Raylene Downes, legal costs specialist, seated at a boardroom table

Raylene Downes


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