Medical Negligence Claims

We all hope that we will stay healthy and not become sick or have an accident. When we do find ourselves in need of medical treatment, we put our trust in medical professionals to assist us. Most of the time medical practitioners are diligent and wholly committed to your care. However, sometimes things can go wrong. When this happens you may feel vulnerable and it can be difficult to know what to do. Mistakes or imperfect outcomes do not always amount to medical negligence though, and our medical negligence solicitors can assist in navigating your specific legal situation.*

How do you know if you have been a victim of medical negligence?

Medical negligence, or clinical negligence as it is also known, can be an act that is done or omitted to be done by a health professional in their treatment of a person that results in personal injury or death of the patient.  The true test for establishing if there has been actual negligence for which the medical professional may be liable for is if there is proved to be failure by that professional which no other equally qualified professional acting within the bounds of ordinary care would have made in the same circumstances.  At HOMS Assist we are experienced in medical negligence cases and in establishing whether or not there has been medical negligence in your treatment or care which gives rise to a potential claim. Our solicitors can help you determine how to move forward. We can also advise on whether you can take a case where your next of kin or family have passed away as a result of the negligence.

Common types of medical negligence cases

Birth & Gynaecological Claims

A well mother giving birth to a healthy baby  at the end of a pregnancy is the most important outcome of child birth. Unfortunately this does not always occur. Mistakes can be made due to the actions or inactions of medical staff during the pregnancy and / or the delivery of the baby. If you have concerns about the health of the mother or baby, even if they were not immediately apparent, please contact us for advice from our team of experienced solicitors.

Birth & Gynaecological Claims

Medical Care Claims

If a loved one has been the victim of substandard care by a medical practitioner and this resulted in their untimely death you may be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence. If you are concerned that such an error was made please contact us for advice from our team of experienced legal professionals.

Medical Care Claims

Surgery Claims

Claims for medical negligence in the course of surgery can fall into various categories. These include:

Surgery Claims

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming a popular choice for people who wish to change part of their appearance or may have to because of an injury or other disfigurement. Whatever the reason for cosmetic or plastic surgery, medical negligence can occur. If you have suffered because of negligence during a cosmetic surgery procedure, you may be entitled to claim.

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Other Types of Medical Negligence

Medical or clinical negligence occurs when a person is injured, or their current medical condition deteriorates, because of poor care delivered by a medical professional and when the injuries could have been prevented if the care had been adequate. This invovles a wide array of negligence. we have listed some of the most common types of medical negligence.

Types of Medical Negligence 

What to do if you may have been involved in a medical negligence case

It is important to act quickly and seek advice if you do think that you or a family member have been the victims of medical negligence. Generally, medical negligence cases have a strict two year time limit from the alleged negligence (or two years from the date of knowledge of the alleged negligence) within which cases may be brought. In the case of children under eighteen, they have two years to initiate a medical negligence claim from their eighteenth birthday. 

Our medical negligence team have over fifty years’ of experience in personal injury claims.

You can contact one of our experienced advisors who will be happy to assist you.

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