Our Values

Mission Vision Core Values What our core values mean to us  Quality  We continuously strive to deliver legal advice of the highest quality, drawing on our professional competencies, experience and depth of knowledge to produce tailored client focussed solutions.  Knowledge  Our depth of knowledge is an essential component of how we do business. Whether advising …

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Dental Negligence Claims

If you have suffered an injury or disfigurement because of the negligence of a dentist, you could be entitled to claim for dental negligence.*  The Medical Practitioners Act 2007 includes dentists as legally recognised medical practitioners in Ireland. They are required to practice dentistry to the highest medical standard. Because dentists are considered medical practitioners, …

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Pharmacy Overdose

Pharmacy Overdose Claims: Understanding Causes and Prevention Measures Medication errors, such as receiving the wrong dosage or the wrong prescription, can lead to severe consequences and side effects for patients. It is crucial to double-check that the medication dispensed by the pharmacy matches the prescription provided by the doctor. In the event that a patient …

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Birth & Gynaecological Claims

Birth and gynaecological injury claims may arise from complications during birth or surgery for procedures such including hysterectomy, oophorectomy, embolisation, laparoscopic, sterilisation, bladder perforation, or perineal tears.* Birth Injury Cliam Guide Birth injury to mother claims Childbirth should result in a happy outcome for the mother, but this is not always the case. Injuries that …

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Surgery Claims

Claims for medical negligence in the course of surgery can fall into various categories. These include: General surgery claims Retained surgical instruments claims Wrong site surgery negligence Surgical error claims General Surgery Claims General surgery is performed as either an emergency or an elective procedure. Surgeons do their utmost to ensure the surgery proceeds as …

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