Amputation and Loss of Limb Claims

The thought of having a limb amputated is devastating. What makes amputation even worse is that it always follows the already devastating experience of a road accident, crush injury, farm accident, or workplace accident.*

In some cases, an amputation may be necessary because of serious medical negligence. Our team can help you or a family member who has suffered the loss of a limb due to substandard medical care.  We also provide legal support to pursue a claim for medical negligence.

Whatever the reason, having a limb amputated is a life-changing event. It can affect your mobility and independence, hinder your ability to earn a living, and make it difficult or even impossible to pursue your hobbies.

If you undergo a surgical amputation because of a road accident, farm accident, workplace accident, or medical negligence, you may be able to pursue a claim against the person or organisation responsible. It cannot restore you to your former life, but it may help you obtain financial damages for your physical pain, psychological pain, and help to alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses, loss of earnings, or any future rehabilitation.

Negligence and Duty of Care

If your injuries were caused by a third party’s negligence, it may be possible to bring a claim for compensation if you were owed a duty of care and the third party failed to take the appropriate level of care. In other words, it must be demonstrated that the accident could have been avoided if proper care had been taken.

Common loss of limb cases in which represent clients include:

  • loss of limb function
  • temporary paralysis
  • paraplegic injuries
  • quadriplegic injuries

Types of Amputation

Amputation of lower limbs, including the following:

  • through the knee (knee disarticulation)
  • under the knee (transtibial)
  • over the knee (transfemoral)
  • hip joint capsule (hip disarticulation)
  • foot or toe

Arm amputations, including the following:

  • finger or thumb
  • disarticulation of the wrist
  • partial or full hand amputation
  • disarticulation of the shoulder
  • below the elbow (trans-radial)
  • above the elbow (trans-humeral)
  • elbow disarticulation
  • wrist disarticulation

Complications—arising during and after an amputation

Complications that can arise during and after an amputation range from psychological issues to problems that can be fatal. Included among the physical complications that may arise are:

  • problems with your heart
  • infections in the amputated area
  • mobility issues
  • blood clots
  • muscle weakness

Financial burden arising from the loss of limb

In addition to the physical problems amputation can cause, the cost of medical treatment can be substantial. Advances in materials technology and the high functionality of current prosthetic limbs mean that the loss of a limb may not be as debilitating an injury as it once was, but the costs of such prosthetics can often be prohibitive for the victim. Our team is here to ensure that you are adequately compensated to cover the significant financial cost of treatment and mobility aids.

Such injuries can often affect a person’s quality of life substantially because of the restrictions they impose on everyday activities. Adjusting to this new way of living requires adaptability, and prosthetics can often cause long-term physical and psychological issues, such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. We do everything possible to remove the financial burden from our clients, seeking early interim payments and specialist rehabilitation where possible, in order to provide financial security and peace of mind for our clients and their families.

Compensation may cover:

  • access to physical and emotional rehabilitation
  • modification of existing property to ensure safety and comfort
  • care, support, and assistance from the appropriate medical experts
  • medical treatment and private therapies
  • specialist equipment
  • prosthetic limbs
  • psychological support
  • a trust for your personal injury
  • future care
  • loss of earnings
  • future loss of earnings
  • loss of opportunity

No amount of compensation can ever turn back time and return you to the position you were in prior to the accident, but a compensation award can help you to live as comfortable a life as possible and ensure you will be no worse off financially than you were before the accident.

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