Raylene Downes

Photograph of Raylene Downes, legal costs specialist, seated at a boardroom table
Photograph of Raylene Downes, legal costs specialist, seated at a boardroom table

Professional Profile: Your Advocate in Legal Costs for Personal Injury Claims

I’m here to guide you through the complexities of legal costs in personal injury claims, combining my passion for justice with a deep-seated expertise. As a committed Legal Executive at HOMS Assist, I specialise in the nuanced world of legal costs related to personal injury cases. With a career spanning nearly two decades since 1991, I bring a wealth of specialised experience to the table, focusing on the meticulous recovery and negotiation of costs in personal injury litigation. My role is crucial in ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve and that the wide range of experts involved are fairly remunerated.

Expert Guidance in Legal Costs and Personal Injury Claims

My professional path is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding and management of the financial aspects of litigation, with a particular focus on personal injury claims. Here, I apply my vast knowledge to effectively negotiate and recover costs. This sector of law is both dynamic and challenging, necessitating a thorough command of legal procedures to guarantee appropriate compensation for our clients and the experts we collaborate with.

The position of a Legal Costs Specialist is essential in the realm of personal injury claims. It involves a broad scope of duties such as detailed cost assessments, preparing bills of costs, and negotiating with opposing parties. My goal is always to secure the most favorable outcome for our clients, handling the financial details of their claims with the highest level of accuracy and attention.

A Commitment to Professionalism and Compassion

Throughout my journey, I have dedicated myself to continuous learning and professional growth. Achieving a Diploma in Legal Studies in 2015 has further cemented my expertise, and becoming a Full Member of IILEX that same year is a testament to my commitment and skill in the field of Legal Costs.

Beyond my professional contributions, I am proud to volunteer as a Board member for a private charity offering educational and housing support. This experience has enriched both my personal and professional life, allowing me to give back to the community and gain invaluable insights beyond the legal realm.

Specialising in Legal Cost Recovery

In striving to stay at the forefront of legal cost recovery in personal injury claims, I focus on several areas of expertise:

  • Legal Costs Specialist: Specialising in the management and negotiation of legal costs within personal injury claims.
  • Personal Injury Claims: My main practice area, where I leverage my extensive knowledge to support clients through successful claim navigation.
  • Recovery of Costs: A key aspect of my role, ensuring all costs in personal injury claims are accurately and efficiently recovered.

Let’s Connect

If you’re seeking expert guidance in managing the legal costs of personal injury claims, I invite you to connect with me. Together, we can approach your case with the professionalism, empathy, and expertise it deserves, aiming for the best outcome for everyone involved.

For inquiries or to discuss your case, please reach out to me through HOMS Assist. I am eager to support your success and ensure precise cost recovery in your personal injury claim.

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