Accidents In A Public Place

A public liability claim* can arise where a person has sustained a personal injury on public property, where the cause of that injury is the negligence of another. This area of law covers a very wide range of accidents that occur in public places. Where negligence occurs a claim can be pursued against the owner or the party who had control over the particular area. 

Making a claim for a public place accident

Firstly attend your doctor to have injuries suffered assessed;

  • Contact a solicitor and describe how the accident occurred in detail;
  • Obtain a medical legal report from the GP/consultant;
  • It may be necessary to obtain medical records to help link the injury to the alleged cause;
  • Submit an application to the Injuries Board together with the medical legal report of the GP or consultant;
  • Assessment – the Injuries Board will liaise with the defendants and allow them time to consider whether the Injuries Board should proceed with an assessment or not;
  • An authorisation will issue to allow us to pursue court proceedings in the Circuit Court or High Court;
  • Liability is usually disputed in public place accident claims. An engineer may need to be engaged in order to inspect the premises and draft a report in this matter; and
  • A loss of earnings report may also be required from an accountant. It may be necessary to ascertain whether there are grounds for a loss of earnings opportunity claim and engage the services of an actuary if there is likely to be a future loss.

Common types of public place accident claims 

Injuries happen in public places on a regular basis. If you have been involved in such an accident, you may be entitled to claim for personal injuries and/or expenses. We take you through the different kinds of public place accidents and how to make a claim if you have been injured in one. 

Common Public Place Accidents

Causes of accidents in a public place

Accidents at in a public place can have multiple causes. We list the more common causes of injury in a public place and how to make a claim for damages.

Causes of Public Place Injuries

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