Safer Journeys

You can make safer decisions to help avoid becoming involved in a road traffic accident.* 

If you drive for work, your employer is legally required to ensure that you are: 

  • Legally entitled to drive the vehicle you are using 
  • Driving a vehicle that is safe and roadworthy
  • Adequately informed, trained, competent and fit to drive it safely 
  • Driving the vehicle as per manufacturer’s and employer instructions

You must hold a valid driving licence for the vehicle being driven, and you must have it with you while driving. You are required to understand and obey all the rules of the road and to update yourself regularly on road safety. You also have an individual responsibility for your driving behaviour. 

  • Never drink and drive. 
  • Never drive under the influence of any kind of drugs 
  • Never drive when tired. 
  • Always wear a seat belt, and ensure passengers do too.

Before you set off on a journey, plan your route and check weather and traffic updates. When you are driving, travel  at the appropriate speed for the prevailing conditions. You should drive with daytime running lights and slow down or even cancel your journey in severe weather conditions

Keep your vehicle in good working order and check it before driving. If you carry a load, ensure it is securely stowed and restrained to prevent any movement during transit.