Domestic Violence & Abuse Cases

You are entitled to live without fear for your safety. If you are subject to domestic violence, your trusted solicitor can ensure you and your family get protection. They will approach your domestic violence case with sensitivity and understanding, so that you can resolve your situation as quickly as possible. You may need legal help with:

  • Applying for a court order to stop violence, threats of violence and harassment
  • Applying for a court order to bar somebody for entering your home or coming near it
  • Ensuring your children are protected
  • Addressing any financial issues
  • Divorcing an abusive spouse

If you do not want to have any direct dealings with your partner, your solicitor can help address financial matters or childcare arrangements on your behalf. They will also help you to access professional organisations for support and advice in domestic violence situations.

If you are suffering due to domestic violence or abuse, we are available to provide confidential legal advice that will help you achieve the best outcome in difficult circumstances. Domestic violence or abuse involves any situation where a person’s safety and welfare are jeopardized by the actions of the other party in a domestic relationship. 

We can assist in applications for the following:

  • Safety order. The person must cease committing violent acts or threatening violence against the other person, but they are not obliged to leave the family home.
  • Barring order. With a barring order against them, the offending person must leave the family home until the order is either set aside or expires.  The time limit is three years for a District Court barring order, although this may be extended. A Circuit Court barring order has no time limit.
  • Protection order. This order bridges the gap while you are waiting for a court decision on a safety or barring order and has the same effect as a safety order

It is a criminal offence to breach any of these orders. The offending party may be arrested without warrant and charged. The penalty is a fine and/or a custodial sentence.