Property Law Solicitors

Types of Property Law Matters

Buying and selling property can be daunting. Whether you are a first time buyer or a veteran investor, the legal process of buying and selling property (otherwise known as conveyancing) is full of potential pitfalls. You will need an experienced solicitor to take care of the work for you.

The property law solicitors at HOMS Assist can help you with property matters including:

Buying Residential Property

Buying a house can be one of life’s more stressful experiences, but the expert solicitors at HOMS Assist will make the entire process run smoothly for you. We provide practical, easy-to-follow advice for all stages of the conveyancing process. You’ll be informed of any potential issues before they arise, so you can be prepared for every stage on the road to home ownership with minimum hassle.

Buying a house

Selling Residential Property

Buying a house can be a complicated business. Selling a house can be equally challenging. The earlier you contact your solicitor at HOMS Assist, the easier the process will be. Here, we go through the stages of selling a house and what you need to know:

Selling a house

What Is Conveyancing?

The term “conveyancing” appears a lot in legal discussions of property transactions, but what does it really mean? Conveyancing simply refers to the legal process of purchasing and selling property, including land, houses, apartments or commercial buildings such as hotels, factories, and office buildings.  At HOMS Assist, our conveyancing solicitors will give you all the advice you need regarding your legal rights and obligations.

How we can help with your conveyancing transaction:

  • We will advise you legal issues related to the property’s legal title.
  • We will assess the property’s planning status, and, if we find title or planning deficiencies, we will advise you on possible remedies.
  • We will help buyers with loans, mortgage completion, and the delivery of property title deeds to the bank once the conveyancing process ends.