Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Cancer touches almost everybody in some way in their lives. Appalling as a cancer diagnosis is, early diagnosis is crucial because it increases the chances of recovery.* When cancer is misdiagnosed, however, patients may miss the crucial timeframe within which they could have been treated more successfully. If diagnosed sooner, they could have received more effective treatment. Here are some examples of cancer misdiagnosis errors. 

Cancer Misdiagnosis Errors:

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Delay in diagnosis
  • Failure to perform necessary scans and tests in the first instance
  • Failing to properly read any scans/X-rays
  • False positive/negative results from a faulty cancer screening process
  • Failing to properly identify lesions on X-rays/scans
  • Lab errors
  • Failure to carry out and properly analyse blood tests
  • Failure to investigate certain symptoms
  • Improperly referring a patient for a biopsy/scan
  • Failure to provide appropriate follow-up care

Types Of Cancer Misdiagnosis

One of the key factors in the successful treatment of cancer is timely diagnosis. If the diagnosis of your cancer is delayed due to negligence, you may be able to claim financial compensation. Cancer misdiagnosis claims include claims for the following kinds of cancer:

  • Bowel
  • Breast
  • Cervical
  • Lung
  • Prostate
  • Ovarian
  • Skin
  • Testicular
  • Pancreatic

Types of cancer misdiagnosis

What to Do if You Have Experienced Cancer Misdiagnosis

In order to proceed with a claim for cancer misdiagnosis, a patient must show that the delay in their diagnosis or the inaccuracy of the diagnosis left them with a worse outcome then if the delay or misdiagnosis had not occurred. It is important to note that the delay in the cancer diagnosis does automatically give rise to negligence.

If you wish to proceed with a case, we will, under your instruction, take up copies of your medical records to fully investigate the circumstances. We will engage with our panel of medical experts to help determine whether there was any negligence involved. If negligence is found, we will proceed with your case on your behalf.

We understand that pursuing a claim for medical negligence can be a daunting and emotive course of action to take, but we aim to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. Contact the team at HOMS Assist today for a confidential and sensitive discussion of your particular situation.