Medical Care Claims

Hospital Negligence Claims*

Your health can be placed at risk if the hospital you are admitted to is negligent in your care. You should consult a personal injuries solicitor for guidance because medical negligence is a complex topic in Irish law. 

Legal regulation and accountability for medical care in hospitals around Ireland has improved. To be successful in your hospital negligence claim, you will need to prove that a medical practitioner was negligent in your care. This could involve a medical professional showing poor judgment or failing to diagnose an illness.

Hospital Negligence Claims

Private Hospital Negligence Claims

If you have attended a private hospital and suffered a further injury or a worsening of your medical condition while there, you may be entitled to claim. You must prove that the injury or deterioration occurred because of the negligent medical care you received while in the hospital.

Private hospital negligence claims resemble those made against public hospitals, apart from a few small differences. With private hospital care, a patient may enter into a contract with the healthcare provider directly. This contract may guarantee a specific outcome, so you may be able to claim if this outcome is not attained. Private hospital negligence claims are often made against the medical practitioner directly and not the organisation or hospital as a whole. Remember, to make a medical negligence claim, you must prove a breach in duty of care that led to injury, damage, or loss.

GP Negligence Claims

Most GP care is of the highest standard, but occasionally lapses occur. The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) aim to serve the patient and the general practitioner by encouraging and maintaining the highest standards of general medical practice. If members of the ICGP behave in a negligent manner, resulting in personal injuries or an illness, you may be entitled to make a claim against them.

GP negligence can damage your physical wellbeing. Your GP is usually your primary carer when you become ill, so their negligence can have a negative effect on your condition or any injuries you have suffered. You may be able to claim financial damages if you have experienced GP negligence. For private GP practices, you may be able to claim directly against your healthcare provider, but in other cases you will claim against the practice.

GP Negligence Claims

Dental Negligence Claims

If you have suffered an injury or disfigurement because of the negligence of a dentist, you could be entitled to claim for dental negligence.

Dental Negligence Claims

Pharmacy Overdose

If a qualified medical professional gives you the wrong dosage of medication or the wrong prescription, the consequences and side effects can be dire. You should always check that the medication given to you by the pharmacy matches the prescription your doctor gave you. If you have suffered because of a medication or prescription error, you may be able to pursue a pharmacy overdose claim.

Prescription Error Claims