Mole Removal Claims

The decision to have a mole removed can be based on a person’s desire to alter their appearance or to address certain health concerns. Generally speaking, a medical expert performs a skin biopsy, by using a tool to remove the mole. Unfortunately, in more recent years, the rise in demand in cosmetic surgery, together with the desire for porcelain-like, unblemished skin, has led to unregulated beauty therapists advertising mole removal, at discounted rates. No matter how small the process of a mole removal may seem, a patient still places all of their trust in the person carrying out this procedure. This brings with it a standard of care owed to that patient.

Whether carried out by a trained medical expert, or in a beautician’s salon, if a procedure is carried out incorrectly, due to the carelessness and negligence of the expert at hand, the results can be very distressing for a patient.

Mole removal procedures

  • Shave excision: A thin razor-like tool is used to carefully slice away the mole
  • Surgical excision: This is a surgical procedure and involves delving deeper into the mole site and the surrounding area.

Common complications that can indicate errors

  • Damage to the skin pigment around or on the site of the mole
  • Damage to the skin structure
  • Excessive scarring
  • Burns and blistering
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Wound Infection  
  • Reaction to stitches
  • Persistent swelling
  • Adverse reaction to medication

What to do if you have experienced negligence as a result of a mole removal procedure?

It should be noted that a patient will not automatically have a claim for negligence if faced with complications following a mole removal procedure. Unfortunately, some patients may experience difficulties, but this may be due to a person’s age, skin type and overall general health.

In order to proceed with a claim for negligence, a patient must show that the mole removal procedure fell below the accepted standard of care and it was because of this, that the injury complained of, is worse than what would reasonably have been expected.

If you believe you have suffered injury or damage as a result of a mole removal procedure, and would like further advice on the issue, contact a member of our experienced HOMS Assist Team.