Laser Hair Removal Negligence Claims

Laser Hair Removal is a semi-permanent (sometimes permanent) form of removing unwanted body hair. The intense laser light used, aims to prevent the re-growth of hair in the treated area.  More and more beauty salons and clinics are offering this treatment, some at extremely discounted rates. Like any cosmetic procedure, problems can develop if proper precautions are not observed. The person performing the treatment owes a high duty of care to the patient/client and must advise them of all risks associated with the procedure.*

Common side effects of laser hair removal include redness, itching and swelling. The side-effects will be temporary for the most part and the healing will depend on the individual’s skin and general health. Whilst patients may accept the short-term side-effects, if negligently performed, this seemingly harmless beauty treatment can lead to devastating long-term consequences.

Examples of Negligence:

  • Use of instruments that are not properly sanitised
  • Inexperienced technician performing the procedure
  • Use of incorrect type of laser for the particular skin-type
  • Laser is too strong
  • Failure to check medical history
  • Wrong area treated (rare)

Consequences of negligence:

  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Burns and blisters
  • Hyperpigmentation/darkening to the skin
  • Irreversible damage to the skin as a result of the laser penetrating too deeply
  • Reduce of muscle tone
  • Appearance of skin may appear uneven
  • Severe burns in sensitive areas of the body
  • Blotchiness/uneven skin tone
  • Bleeding/scabbing
  • Bruising- particular in those with sensitive skin

What should you do if you believe you have been a victim of negligence following laser hair removal?

  • Take photos of the affected area. This will show visual proof of the injury and damage suffered, in the event that the symptoms ease/change in appearance over time
  • Gather all information and communication between you and the clinic/surgery within which the treatment was carried out

The above information will assist us in establishing whether negligence exists or not. A patient is required to show that due to the negligent performance of the laser hair removal procedure, they are left with the injury complained of.

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