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Who Pays Costs in Personal Injury Claims?

Zombie Will

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From the Headlines: The Case of the Zombie Will

Strep A

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From the Headlines: The Rising Danger of Strep A

Baby's feet

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From the Headlines: Medical Care for Babies and Children to be Reviewed

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What Is Considered Personal Injury in a Road Traffic Accident*?

Unsure about what is considered personal injury in a road traffic accident and what isn’t? Find out how personal injury claims work if you’re involved in one.*

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Estate Planning – It’s for everyone

Estate planning is an area of the law that is often misunderstood. To clarify the importance of estate planning, Claire Tuohy, solicitor and Society of Trust and Estates practitioner, debunks three common myths.

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Wondering How to Start a Medical Negligence Claim? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you are unhappy with the treatment that you have received from your doctor or health care institution, you may wish to contact a solicitor who is an expert in the field of medical negligence to investigate your case. 

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The Most Common Birth Injury Claims – Medical Negligence During Childbirth

Birth and gynaecological injury claims may arise from complications during birth or surgery for procedures.*

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What is Undue Influence, how to identify it and what you can do to challenge it?

Undue influence is back in the headlines again, involving the estate of Mr Bunny Cox. But what does undue influence mean, and how can you challenge a will? Our experts explain.

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Put an Enduring Power of Attorney in Place Now — Before the Law Changes

Most of us know how important it is to draft a will, to make sure we have plans in place for the future. But many people aren’t aware that there is another document available that can help protect us during our lifetime.

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Difference Between a Breach of Duty and Causation

When you are receiving advice from your solicitor or barrister during a medical negligence case, you will come across legal terms like “a breach of duty of care” and “causation”. What do they mean?

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Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain conditions can occur as a result of substandard healthcare treatment which can have a long-lasting impact on a patient’s life, as well as on their family and relationships.

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