Doctors and delayed or missed diagnoses following remote consultation

Written by
Piarais Neary on
06 September 2021

The Medical Protection Society, who provide advice and support to doctors regarding potential clinical negligence claims, have reported an increased number of complaints being made by patients due to a delay or a missed diagnosis made on the basis of remote consultations. 

Due to COVID-19, remote consultations have become a practical way for doctors to provide treatment and care to patients, however, the platform for such advice has its limitations.  

Doctors have been advised by the Medical Protection Society that telephone triage and consultations can lack visual clues which are extremely vital elements in diagnosis and treatment. The lack of visual clues may lead to the potential for a wrong or missed diagnosis.  

The Medical Protection Society have advised doctors to improve the procedure for remote consultations by:-  

  1. Asking more questions; 
  2. Review and follow up with patient post remote consultation; 
  3. Implement standardised risk measures, such as an enhanced telephone questionnaire.  

If you would like further information regarding potential negligence claims arising out of remote consultations and missed or delayed diagnoses, please do not hesitate to contact HOMS Assist.  

If you or a loved one have received a remote consultation/s and have concerns about missed or delayed diagnosis it is important to seek medical advice. You may also obtain legal advice from specialist solicitors who understand the unique nature of medical negligence claims.  

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