Family Mediation Service

Relationship breakdown is always difficult for everybody involved, but mediation can help families move forward. Our sensitive, professional family law solicitors understand the trauma that’s involved in family disputes, and we can help you resolve issues through mediation, often without resorting to court action.

When Is Mediation an Option?

Mediation can help separating couples decide how best to address issues such as property and the care of children in a way that fosters goodwill rather than acrimony. It is not just for marital breakdown either: Mediation is also appropriate for contact disputes, disagreements over the distribution of assets, child custody disputes, and many other problems that can arise in the context of families.

At HOMS Assist, we understand the intensely personal nature of conflicts related to family and property. We also know that each mediation situation is different and demands a tailored approach. We will handle your family issue with sensitivity and professionalism, making every effort to avoid the need to go to court to come to a mutually agreeable compromise. As skilled negotiators, our family law team has a highly impressive record of family dispute resolution.

What You Need to Know:

  • Mediation is a highly effective approach to resolving many family disputes, but legal advice is crucial before you enter the mediation process. 
  • The mediator you choose is obliged to remain independent and cannot offer advice to either party. 
  • Although mediation may not require recourse to court, any mediated agreement concluded between a separating couple will probably require a court order in the form of a consent order for divorce or a separation agreement to be legally binding.

Looking for more information about mediation? Contact us today to discuss the process in a confidential, constructive setting.