Solicitors’ Legal Fees

Solicitor’s fees depend on the complexity of the case, and a solicitor needs to examine your case and speak with you before they can give you an estimate.

Solicitors can enter into “no win, no fee” agreements with clients, but they are strictly prohibited from advertising these agreements.

No Win No Fee Explained

This fee arrangement means that you will not pay for a solicitor’s services if the case fails. If your case succeeds either by way of settlement outside of court or in court, legal fees will apply. A no win no fee agreement gives you a legal avenue to pursue a claim regardless of your financial status.

Solicitors in Ireland are strictly prohibited from advertising no win no fee services. If you encounter a website that is advertising and offering no win no fee legal services, this is probably either: 

  1. An unregulated “claims harvesting site,” which offers to put you in touch with a solicitor, who is breaching the Solicitors Acts that govern their profession, or
  2. A solicitor who is flouting the laws regulating their profession.

In some cases, you may have to pay costs such as court stamp duty and medical costs even if your case is unsuccessful and you have been offered a no win no fee agreement. You may also be liable to pay the other side’s legal fees if your case is unsuccessful.