Workplace CR is a key focus for the firm and one of our key goals as part of our 2025 plan is to continue to make the firm a great place to work. Workplace CR is essential to ensure employees can develop to their full potential and to create a happy and supportive environment.

Our investment in our people was recognised by the awarding of the Best Employer: Talent Development and Workplace Wellness Award at the Limerick Regional Business Awards 2017.

We are proud to be a signatory to the Law Society of Ireland’s Professional Wellbeing Charter. We pledge to lead, uphold and promote the Charter commitments to improve professional wellbeing in our workplace. We commit to improving leadership and championing behaviours, skills and practices that promote and enable professional wellbeing at all levels, and across all roles, in the workplace, and:-

  • Work to create a healthy workplace culture characterised by behaviours and practices that promote effective communication and active listening so the office experience is one of trust, respect, honesty, fairness, compassion and psychological safety
  • Build an environment where leaders promote professional wellbeing and take appropriate action to protect employees’ mental health including holding unprofessional behaviours to account, with consequences
  • Work to reduce stigma associated with mental health in the workplace
  • Build employee and management capacity to support employees’ psychological and mental health concerns and be able to respond effectively to these as needed
  • Strive to create a work environment where tasks and responsibilities can be accomplished within a realistic timeframe and that promotes work/life balance
  • Encourage and support employees in the development of their social and emotional needs, as well as their job skills
  • Nurture a work environment where employees derive a sense of meaning and purpose from their work and are appropriately recognised and rewarded for their work efforts
  • Ensure policies, procedures and processes are in place that safeguard employee psychological safety and mental health.

Some of our specific initiatives include:-

  • Employee recognition through our “Together Awards”
  • Mental health and wellness supports
  • Supports for professional development, education and training
  • Flexi-time hours
  • Remote working
  • VHI Employee Assistance Programme
  • Diversity and Inclusion. Signatory to the Law Society’s Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter, a public commitment by legal practices to promote the values of diversity, equality and inclusion. More information on our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion can be viewed here
  • International Women’s Day. We host annual International Women’s Day employee and client events to recognise and promote change and equality, particularly in the legal industry.
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