Raylene Downes

I am a Legal Executive at HOMS Assist and I joined the firm in 1991.

With nearly 20 years of experience in dealing with costs for personal injury claims I negotiate and ensure that all costs in the case are recovered correctly to obtain the best result for our client and all the associated experts.

This is a fast moving challenging position which requires extensive knowledge of litigation and the legal process.  The recovery of costs is an extremely important facet of our work, both for our clients and for the many experts who are involved in bringing our client’s claims to a successful conclusion. 

In addition to my work with HOMS Assist, I am a volunteer Board member of a private charity which encompasses both educational and sheltered housing facilities.  This has proved to be a very worthy and satisfying part of my life; both on a personal and professional level.

Education, Awards & Accolades

  • Diploma in Legal Studies , 2015
  • Full Member of IILEX, 2015

A great negotiator, pleasure to deal with.

Michael , Dublin

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