Gardai given new powers to arrest “stay at home” flouters

Written by
Robert Bourke on
08 April 2020

Until Easter Monday members of the public face arrest and, if convicted, a fine of €2,500 and/or 6 months imprisonment if they are found:

  1. travelling without an essential reason, or
  2. exercising more than 2 kilometres from their home. (Cyclists beware!)

What is an "essential reason"?

  1. To travel to and from work that is an essential service. A complete list of essential services can be found on
  2. Working in an essential shop, bank or post office;
  3. To attend a medical appointment or to collect medicines, for yourself, your family or someone vulnerable;
  4. For vital family reasons. This includes shopping but excludes social visits.

A complete guide to the travel restrictions and can be found on